Kilowatt Festival 2024

Kilowatt Festival 2024, Sansepolcro 12-20 luglio

KILOWATT FESTIVAL 2024Sansepolcro 12-20 JulyI contain multitudes Do I contradict myself?Very well then I contradict myself,(I am large, I contain multitudes.). In each of us coexist many selves: multiplicity leads to contradiction, which is the ability to accommodate different points of view, inside and outside of us. However, we are not only what our bodies […]

Kilowatt Festival 2023

Paradiso Adesso  If man sees it is possible to go further on a stage he understands it is equally possible to do it in life, and so he is encouraged to act (Julian Beck) The words accompanying the 21st edition of Kilowatt Festival are a tribute to ‘Paradise Now’, the acclaimed play created by the […]

Kilowatt Festival 2021

THIS FERVENT PATIENCE The last few months have required all of us to know how to wait, more than we thought we were capable of enduring and sustaining. The entertainment industry, like and perhaps more than others, waited ten months before seeing its work spaces reopened to the public. During this time, workers were not […]

Kilowatt Festival 2020

Journey to the End of the Night “Habits contract faster than courage,” wrote Louis-Ferdinand Céline. We have learned the habit of staying locked inside the house for whole weeks. Of not hanging out with friends and loved ones. When we saw each other again, we got used to meeting at a distance. With the others, […]

Kilowatt Festival 2019

PARTICIPATING IS NORMAL A few years ago we were in Yunnan, in Shangri-La. At the highest point of a hill is the largest Tibetan prayer wheel in the world: it measures twenty-four meters. A group of locals were trying to spin it, however, it was too big for them to do it on their own. […]

Kilowatt Festival 2018

DIFFERENT BECAUSE HUMAN It is necessary to nourish souls and consciences with grace. We live in an aggressive time. We struggle to find the human in the violent words shouted against others, and in the actions that follow them. We fight those who are different; we call overpowering freedom. From the bottom of this exile […]

Kilowatt Festival 2017

THE HOPE PRINCIPLE Dreams, fairy tales, movies, shows, set in motion our deepest desires and invite us to transform them into our most inspiring endeavors. This was argued by the German philosopher Ernst Bloch who, between 1953 and 1959, published a book of more than 1,600 pages entitled “The Hope Principle.” Bloch thought that human […]

Kilowatt Festival 2016

IT’S TIME TO SHINE We are guided by the poets, in this 2016 trajectory, which is the richest we have ever traced, with 9 days of festival, 61 scheduled performances, 50 companies involved, 21 premieres and national previews, many collateral initiatives, more than 150 artists on stage. We are guided by poets because the title […]

Kilowatt Festival 2015

HOSPITABLE BY NATURE There are two main novelties in this edition of the festival: the launch of the large-scale European cooperation project “Be Spectactive!”, of which the Municipality of Sansepolcro and CapoTrave/Kilowatt are the lead partners, and the opening of a theater space in Torre di Berta Square, active on each of the festival evenings. […]

Kilowatt Festival 2014

TO FEEL BETTER “Human eye could never hear, human ear could never see, human hand could never taste, human tongue never imagine, and human heart never tell, a dream like mine” (William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream) Don’t be afraid to feel better. On stage, artists are offering us a less somber aesthetic than that […]

Kilowatt Festival 2012

It’s the thought that counts Ten years of Kilowatt, 1,000 years since the founding of Sansepolcro An unexpected coincidence brings together Kilowatt’s first ten years with the thousand-year birthday of Sansepolcro, founded in 1012 by the pilgrims Aegidius and Arcaneus, returning from Jerusalem. And so, in juxtaposing theater with the idea of founding a city, […]

Kilowatt Festival 2013

BRAVE CAPTAINS The muse of the 2013 edition of Kilowatt is named Sue Austin. She is an extremist muse. “Extremist” in the sense of someone who seeks to expand her quest for knowledge by pushing beyond imposed boundaries and making us see the world from new, exciting perspectives. Extremism has a non-random assonance with the […]

Kilowatt Festival 2022

EXCESS OF REALITY Humankind cannot bear very much reality, wrote T.S. Eliot. Humans do not have the strength to believe thoroughly in the possibilities in front of them, as if listening to all that exists, or could exist, is too burdensome, too heavy to bear. So the time has already begun, when we are able […]