Mario Spina Municipal Theater

The Mario Spina Theater in Castiglion Fiorentino has been managed since 2020 by the CapoTrave/Kilowatt Association: the management has been renewed for another three years for the period 2022-2025. Theater season consist of theater shows, open rehearsals at the end of creative residency periods, and shows for children.

The Story

Promoted by a group of Castiglionese citizens who formed an Academic Society in 1886, the new theater was begun in 1889 on the plans by the engineers Olinto Perticucci and Paolo Bertelli, but some financial problems delayed its completion. As a result, the theater was not inaugurated until 1911.

Built in the area of the former garden of the Scolopi, close to the castle walls near Porta Aretina, the theater features a horseshoe-shaped hall with three tiers of boxes accessible from a large rectangular foyer; the stage tower is of fair size and is equipped on both sides with stage service rooms, dressing rooms and secondary staircases.

On the whole, the theater has come down to the present day preserving its original structural and decorative features, having undergone no major restorations or interventions.

After being closed in 1984, it resumed its activity in 2000 after a restoration, consolidation of the wooden and masonry structures and adaptation of the plant engineering, designed by architect Mario Maschi and engineer Massimo Dragoni.