The Municipal Theatre School, directed by CapoTrave/Kilowatt in cooperation with the Municipality of Sansepolcro and in collaboration with Tedamis and Tutto Fa Brodway, involves different realities of the territory to offer students a plural knowledge of the disciplines of the scene, through the confrontation with professional masters and trainers, including: Lucia Franchi, Chiara Ramanzini and Luca Ricci from CapoTrave/Kilowatt, Laura Bernardini and Alessia Martinelli from Tedamis, Michela Mirabucci from Tutto Fa Brodway, Gilda Foni from TeatrOlistico, Massimo Boncompagni, actor and trainer, Lodovico Rossi (musician and singing teacher). course for the younger generation: Tuesdays from 17:00 to 18:30 course for adults: Thursdays from 19:30 to 22:30 To know more The course for children and young people aims to encourage creativity, imagination and group collaboration through theatrical play. The basic techniques and tools of working on the stage are introduced, and exercises, scenic games and improvisations, both individual and in groups, are discussed. The course for adults from 15 to 80 years of age covers various disciplines such as directing, dramaturgy, acting, stage movement, physical theatre, musicals, holistic theatre and singing. There are two four-week terms (September-January, February-June), each comprising 4 modules of 4 lessons of 3 hours each. During the four quarters, the 4 modules are interwoven, so that the students can work with a different teacher each week. Public return open to the public: Friday 16 June 2023 at 9 p.m.

16 June - End of course show: 'The Birds' + 'Stralunati'