Kilowatt Festival 2023

Sansepolcro 11 - 15 July
Cortona 19 - 23 July

Paradiso Adesso

Paradiso Adesso 

If man sees it is possible to go further on a stage he understands it is equally possible to do it in
life, and so he is encouraged to act (Julian Beck)

The words accompanying the 21st edition of Kilowatt Festival are a tribute to ‘Paradise Now’, the acclaimed play created by the American theatre company Living Theatre between 1968 and 1970.
With this reference, we credit a generation that believed in the future while fighting in their present.
We imagine, or perhaps hope, that this could be true for us now.
We perceive a strong need for change, the desire for a new way of life.
We must not lose the paradise that has already been conquered – never take it for granted – and at the same time we want to create a new paradise that truly is for everyone, especially for those who are currently being left out.
We must have the strength to transform the ‘nothing-will-never-change’ mindset into creativity, constructivism, beauty, and optimism of the will.
At the same time, we must remember that perfection does not exist: this is another radical thought that weakens our battles. After all, even a snake got into paradise…
We hope that the days of Kilowatt will be full of energy, and that they will bring courage and perception. This is a collective ritual: the garden of Eden is an infinite place, not a small vegetable patch that we each tend to on our own.
Ready to jump?

Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci