The Visionari format was born in Sansepolcro in 2007 and each year involves a group of citizens in Valtiberina (“the spectators who are not professionals”) for selecting 9 shows to be included in the Kilowatt Festival program. Being a Visionary means being part of a group of people, all different from each other, who are united by the curiosity and passion for the world of live performance. The experience of the Visionari remains one of the cornerstones of Kilowatt Festival, a presidium of active citizenship: a model that has inspired many national and European realities, as evidenced also by the European project Be SpectACTive! of which Kilowatt is the partner leader. 41 are the citizens from Valtiberina who participate in the 2021/2022 edition of the Visionari Selection: people who, throughout the year, screened, one by one, 420 proposals of shows, to choose 8 to be presented at the festival. A ninth show was chosen by six Visionari under 18, called VisioYoung, students from San Bartolomeo High School of Communication in Sansepolcro.  

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