Kilowatt Festival 2014


“Human eye could never hear, human ear could never see, human hand could never taste, human tongue never imagine, and human heart never tell, a dream like mine”
(William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Don’t be afraid to feel better.
On stage, artists are offering us a less somber aesthetic than that which characterized the previous decade. This is not a cursory view of our time: knots remain and many problems are not solved. But, after the storm, there is a longing for a new beginning, a desire to believe again.
This year’s image plays on the double meaning of “feeling,” understood both as perceiving by hearing and as experiencing an emotion or feeling.
Then, there would be the meaning of “hearing” smells, “feeling” tastes, learning by touch. In short, the word “feel” expands to almost all the senses.
Art, dance, theater, music, stimulate this variety of sensations: everyone is invited to “feel,” there are no differences, discriminations, exclusions.
“Feel” is a precious word, to connote an edition of the festival that aims to be multidisciplinary and multisensory, inclusive and engaging, vitalizing and energetic, as much and more than usual.

JULY 19-26

– Kilow’Art 2014: Exhibition “edicole sacre” in Sansepolcro / Cianchi – Tajariol
– Exhibition “Recto/Verso” at Caserma Archeologica
– Workshop by Futura Tittaferrante
– Spazio lounge at Palazzo delle Laudi

“Apriti Kilowatt!”, opening party
18:00 Music: Giovanni Di Giandomenico in concert (Piazza Torre di Berta)
19:00 Visual Art: Lorenzo Cianchi / Michele Tajariol, vernissage edicole “sacre” (Palazzo delle Laudi)
21:15 Music: Banda Improvvisa in concert (Piazza Torre di Berta)
22:30 Theatre: Valernio Malorni “L’uomo nel diluvio” (winner In-Box 2014) (via Matteotti)
23:15 Theatre: FourHands Circus “Càmbiale!” (Piazza Torre di Berta)

18:00 Presentation “Il detective selvaggio: conosci Roberto Bolaño?” in cooperation with CaLibro (Palazzo delle Laudi)
20:45 Dance – 7-8 chili “Job” (Santa Chiara)
22:00 Dance – Balletto Civile “In-colume” (Misericordia)
23:00 Music – Alessandro Raina “Sei Pezzi Facili” (Palazzo delle Laudi)

18:00 Il Centro della Visione (in cooperation with Laboratori Permanenti) – with Piergiorgio Giacché (Palazzo delle Laudi)
20:45 Theatre – Dionisi / Arianna Scommegna “Potevo essere io” (Santa Chiara)
22:00 Theatre – Claudio Morganti / Rita Frongia/ Maurizio Lupinelli / Elisa Pol “Canelupo nudo” (Misericordia)
23:00 Music – Paolo Benvegnù “Sei Pezzi Facili” (Palazzo delle Laudi)

10:00 – 18:00 Il Centro della Visione with Claudio Morganti and Piergiorgio Giacché (Misericordia)
18:00 Meeting “Strumenti per una nuova drammaturgia”. With Gabriele Vacis, Christian Raimo, Roberta Nicolai, Davide D’Antonio, coordination Graziano Graziani (Palazzo delle Laudi)
20:45 Theatre – Federica Santoro / Marco Gobetti “Un carnevale per Sole e Baleno” (winner NDN 2014) (Santa Chiara)
21:45 Dance – Martina Francone “No-nothing / Something” (Misericordia)
23:00 Music – Massimo Bubola “Sei Pezzi Facili” (Palazzo delle Laudi)

10:00 – 13:00 Il Centro della Visione, with Piergiorgio Giacché (Palazzo delle Laudi)
18:00 Meeting IETM / Bergamo 2015 (promoted by Etre Lombardia)
20:45 Theatre – Eco di Fondo “Orfeo ed Euridice” (Selection In-Box 2014) (Santa Chiara)
22:00 Dance – Giorgia Nardin “All dressed up with nowhere to go” (Misericordia)
23:00 Music – Andrea Appino “Sei pezzi facili” (Palazzo delle Laudi)

18:00 Presentation – Gerardo Guccini meets Andres Neumann for the book by Maria Fedi “L’Archivio Andres Neumann” (Palazzo delle Laudi)
20:30 Dance – Claudia Catarzi “40.000 cm2” (Santa Chiara)
21:00 Theatre – Carrozzeria Orfeo “Thanks for Vaselina” (Misericordia)
22:40 Dance – C&C “Maria Addolorata” (Santa Chiara)
23:00 Music – Diego Deadman Potron “One man band night” (Palazzo delle Laudi)

10:30-13:00 meeting Visionari – Fiancheggiatori – compagnie (Palazzo delle Laudi)
18:00 Award Kilowatt-Titivillus 2014, V° edition, to Massimo Betti Merlin (Palazzo delle Laudi)
20:45 Theatre – Clinica Mammut “Il retro dei giorni” (Santa Chiara)
22:10 Theatre – Taverna Est / Sara Sole Notarbartolo “La danse des amants” (giardino Misericordia)
23:20 Dance – Irene Russolillo “Strascichi” (Misericordia teatro)
23:45 Music – Betti Barsantini (Alessandro Fiori + Marco Parente) “Sei pezzi facili” (Palazzo delle Laudi)

10:30-13:00 Meeting Visionari – Fiancheggiatori – compagnie (Palazzo delle Laudi)
18:00 Theatre – Antonello Taurino “Trovata una sega!” (Misericordia)
20:45 Theatre – Tindaro Granata “Invidiatemi come io ho invidiato voi” (Santa Chiara)
22:30 Dance – Cani “Trio con bandiera” (Misericordia)
23:00 Closing party (Palazzo delle Laudi)