Restare fuori


Artistic residency from May 22 to June 1.

conception and realization Maurizio Capisani, Sabrina Conte
production acquasumARTE Visual & Performing Art
with the support of TRAC Teatri di Residenza Artistica Contemporanea – Apulian Residency Centers

FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, is an increasingly common form of social anxiety that involves especially young people, linked to the use of social media. What is that bewitching universe disclosed by the small screen of the inseparable smartphone? Being a teenager today means living halfway between city reality and virtual reality; sometimes it can be complex to distinguish between the two worlds. Restare fuori is an original immersive multimedia experience, a real-life walk through the city of Sansepolcro that through the very voices of teenagers tells about the world of teenage sociality.

acquasumARTE alias Maurizio Capisani and Sabrina Conte, makes original site-specific multimedia creations mixing the languages of performance, theater, video art, actively involving communities and territories.

Director’s notes
Restare Fuori stems from the desire to tell the story of adolescence through the very voices of adolescents with a work of which they are the first spectators and in which they can reflect themselves. The project involves the direct involvement of adolescents who are asked to recount their experience, to dialogue on these issues, to exchange reflections, ideas, let fears, fears, desires emerge. The materials are collected through audio-interviews. The public presentation of this work directly relates the experience of physical reality with that of virtual reality. It is an original form of traveling performance that hybridizes performance-theatrical and video-cinematic languages to be enjoyed with headphones and tablets. The video narrative weaves together, drawing on the Internet and through the technique of found footage, archive footage, film fragments and current video fragments. The audio is made by interweaving personal testimonies and stories with musical and literary content. An actual walk in one of the meeting places indicated by the teenagers involved in the project. The action of walking becomes direct participation, emotional involvement, living experience that is woven with the multimedia one.

Ingresso gratuito

Free entrance

START DATE:May 22, 2023