running time: 20'


What you truly love stays

Urban Dance

Pergallini – Pitarresi
un inutile infinito

concept and choreography Marco Pergallini, Maria Stella Pitarresi
production Twain Centro Produzione Danza
with the support of Teatro Libero Palermo, MIC – Ministero della Cultura
winner of Danza Urbana XL 2024

Two bodies investigate the meaning of memory, which allows them to return to places they have actually lived in without getting trapped in the past. They feel the human need to discover who they have been and who they are.

Pergallini – Pitarresi is an artistic duo based in Sicily. Their first choreographic work, Sinopia, was a finalist at the International Prize Prospettiva Danza 2022. In 2024 they founded Platz14, a professional training center for contemporary dance, in Palermo.

running time: 20′

non-verbal show