Daniela / Prova aperta il 3 Maggio

Theatre Artistic residency at Teatro alla Misericordia between 23 and 3 of May

Open reharsal 3rd of May at 9 pm DANIELA GIULIA SCOTTI

by and with Giulia Scotti project collaboration Andrea Pizzalis lighting design Elena Vastano with the support of IntercettAzioni – Centro di Residenza Artistica della Lombardia production residency Carrozzerie | n.o.t winner of tuttoteatro.com “Dante Cappelletti” award co-production tuttoteatro.com special mention announcement Odiolestate 2023

In my family there are stories that are not told in the belief that what is not told will never be known. Of my aunt’s story no one ever told my brother and I, what we knew was that my father had three sisters and now we have two aunts and therefore one of the three was no longer alive, Daniela.

Giulia Scotti author/actress. Graduates as an actress from Grock – School of Theater. She participates as an actress in several shows. In 2019 she founds, together with a collective of actresses and actors, the association Praxis, which works proposing a mixture of performing arts, anthropological discipline and social research methods.

START DATE:May 3, 2024

LOCATIONTeatro alla Misericordia