Woody Neri + Johnny Faina — Dracula! (himself) Bela Lugosi

Woody Neri + Johnny Faina

Dracula! (himself) Bela Lugosi

artistic residency: February 2022

open rehearsal at the end of the residency

Wednesday 2 March, 21:00

Misericordia Theatre

A stranger in a foreign land is nobody.

Bela Lugosi died on 16 August 1956, uttering these words: ‘I am Count Dracula, I am the king of vampires, I am immortal’. Having become famous by playing Dracula in Tod Browning’s 1931 film, Lugosi was buried wearing the very cape that had made him famous. It is here that the legend of Hollywood’s greatest vampire begins. Because Béla Lugosi’s is not the story of an actor in search of success. It is a vampire story. And like every vampire story, it too ends with a stake through the heart.

by and with Woody Neri and Johnny Faina

Ingresso gratuito

Free entrance

START DATE:March 2, 2022