Totemica e Ruggine

The abysses of the soul, to rediscover a lost sacredness

National Previews

Manfredi Perego
Totemica e Ruggine

Totemica credits
by Manfredi Perego
and with Chiara Montalbani
with the support of Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Scenario Pubblico, Teatro Europa, Scuola danza Compagnia Era Acquario
music Paolo Codognola
production MP.ideograms, TiR danza

Ruggine credits
by and with Manfredi Perego
in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro2 Parma
music Paolo Codognola
production MP.ideograms, TiR danza
coproduction MilanOltre Festival

Two choreographic solos exploring one religiosity and interiority and the other the relationship between dark and light as a metaphor of various states of the soul. Both are site-specific: the former is already a completed work, the latter is a working in progress.

The dancer and choreographer Manfredi Perego comes from Emilia Romagna. He won the Equilibrio Award with Grafiche del silenzio. He is guest teacher/choreographer at the Balletto Teatro di Torino and associate choreographer at MilanOltre Festival. Since 2015, he has been supported by TIR Danza.

Running time Totemica 25′
Running time Ruggine 15′

non verbal shows

START DATE:July 20, 2022

LOCATIONPalestra di San Sebastiano, Cortona
LENGHT25' + 15'

Photos and videos from the Festival