Seguime / prova aperta il 23 Marzo

Circus Artistic residency at Teatro alla Misericordia between 21 to 24 of March Open reharsal on 23rd of March at 5 pm SEGUIME CIE ZEC

by and with Nicolò Bussi, Magdalena Vicente ARCHAOS co-production with the support of Dept. de l’Aveyron residency spaces Essieu du Batut, l’Elba del Vicino, Komonò, La Boiserie, UP Circus, Latitude 50, ARCHAOS, La Verrerie d’Alès, La Loly Circus, Tuscany Residency Center (CapoTrave/Kilowatt – Armunia)

She comes from the mountains. Her journey begins like this: Free, naïve, her eyes full of love for life. A mysterious character attempts to invade her land. Bewildered and confused by this encounter, she does not know how to get out. As much as the stranger. Between fights, tripping, discoveries and life lessons, each character transforms, tries to find balance. The two universes find themselves crocheting, together, in a harmonious reality. But it is not all as simple as it seems, when you speak another language, when you think backwards, when you embrace what nature offers you.

A circus and music company created by Nicolò Bussi and Magdalena Vicente, Cie Zec seeks to bring art to anyone wherever possible, with cultural actions and interventions in schools, prison centers and RSA/A

START DATE:March 23, 2024

LOCATIONTeatro alla Misericordia