Paola di Mitri / Cranpi — Vita amore morte e rivoluzione

Paola di Mitri / Cranpi

Life love death and revolution

artistic residency: March 2022

open rehearsal at the end of the residency

Friday 25 March, 21:00

Theatre at the Misericordia

A documentary performance born out of the director’s return to Taranto. With her own family archive materials and together with a group of citizens she met during her research, she recomposes an emotional and historical geo- graphy of her paternal and childhood city, which has always been a workers’ battlefield, an environmental disaster, and a symbol of a meridious situation that has never been resolved.

by and with Paola Di Mitri / Cranpi

directed by Paola Di Mitri

video Davide Crudetti / ZaLab

Ingresso gratuito

Free entrance

START DATE:March 25, 2022