running time: 100'

Just Walking

Walking is a community practice

Urban Theatre

Campsirago Residenza / Michele Losi

written, directed and performed by Michele Losi
and with Sebastiano Sicurezza
set design and costumes Stefania Coretti
music Luca Maria Baldini e Nori Tanaka
actors coach Sebastiano Sicurezza
movements Filippo Porro_Azioni Fuori Posto
collaboration to dramaturgy Sofia Bolognini
production Campsirago Residenza
with Omnicent Ukiha / D:DNA / Gli Scarti

An urban touring performance reconstructs the role of walking in Western culture. A journey through the texts of great writers who have pursued philosophical and poetic paths.

Campsirago Residenza is a national center for the research and production of performing arts nestled in the woods of Mount Brianza, near Lecco. The connection with nature is an essential element of the company’s work.

running time: 100′