Doppio Zero

Acrobatics and songs, with the spirit of the 1950s


Carpa Diem
Doppio Zero

by and with Katharina Gruener, Luca Sartor
with input from Fabrizio Rosselli
coproduction Teatro Necessario
costume designer Giulia Rossi
set designer Betti Cau
light designer Dario Andreoli
with the support of IntercettAzioni – Circuito Claps, Casa del Circo Contemporaneo – Fondazione Cirko Vertigo, Residenza Surreale, Flic/RSGT, Terre di Circo – IdeAgorà, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Teatro Magnani di Fidenza, ATER Fondazione Cronopis Espai de Circ
winner of ProudAct by A.C.C.I. Associazione Circo Contemporaneo Italia

Vroni rides a bicycle pedalling with his hands and driving with his feet, Tullio reads upside down suspended from a pole. While they are waiting for the bread to rise and bake, they begin a journey through time, accompanied by lyrics full of zest for life, from the post-war reconstruction period.

Katharina Gruener and Luca Sartor met during a social circus project in Kenya. They trained together at the Madrid circus school, graduating in 2016, and specialising in acrobatic duo, Chinese pole, unicycling and juggling.

Running time 60′

non verbal show

START DATE:July 20, 2022

LOCATIONPiazza del Duomo, Cortona

Photos and videos from the Festival