Open rehearsal at the end of artistic residency on Thursday 27 of April, at the Teatro alla Misericordia in Sansepolcro, at 9 pm. 

artistic project Simone Amendola / Valerio Malorni
text Adèle Gascuel
translation Adele Palmeri Borghese
staging Daniele Amendola / Valerio Malorni
directed by Simone Amendola
on video Caterina Marino
music Giulia Anania
singing Sabina Meyer
set design Santo Alessandro Badolato
costumes Clorinda Bartoleschi
video animations Davide Riccitiello
technique and lighting design Marco D’Amelio
stage photos Filippo Trojano

Two anti-heroes no longer want to save the planet: they don’t know how to do much more than continue doing what they have always done, while wondering if they would be better off doing it differently. They would like to leave, to change everything, but they do not know how. Meanwhile, they pretend to repair a wound in the earth. The Fault is a comedy because our time needs it. To make us laugh beyond what strikes us.

Simone Amendola (filmmaker and playwright) and Valerio Malorni (actor and author) converged artistically in 2014 with the show “L’Uomo Nel Diluvio” (The Man in the Flood) and in 2017 with “Nessuno può tenere Baby in un angolo” (Nobody can keep Baby in a corner).

Director’s notes

Adèle Gascuel, the author, is a 30-year-old who brings to the text instances that are much more of a priority in France than in Italy. And thus succeeds, in her writing, in being a pained body and not just a thinking head. Through the two protagonists, alpha males intent on healing a wound in the earth with cement, Adèle goes inside the themes with sudden flashes of brilliance, totally eluding rhetoric, and this allows us to work on the staging with great freedom, making us rediscover the basic elements of theatre, which are at the heart of it, making us feel that we are among people playing the same game. Trying for the sake of trying, discovering subtexts, marking time, enjoying silences, rediscovering the seduction of dialogue in theatre, clowns, the comic couple, the sacred and the profane. To rediscover that out of that league of harried intelligence, out of that hamster wheel in which we ran before covid, there is still something to be said. And that you can say it even without wanting to say it, it comes out.