Capacity building for the cultural professionals

CapoTrave/Kilowatt wins funding from the European Union – Next Generation EU, within the PNRR, to implement capacity building strategies for cultural operators, in order to manage the digital transition.

The strategy involves the implementation of specialist support paths and pilot actions aimed at providing services useful for the creation and development of digital projects. The objective is to outline the profile of the digital art manager, an innovative and exportable model, who in each structure can transfer the digital skills acquired both to internal staff and to external users.

The process will include 5 monthly webinars, the online service “The expert answers”, and the activation of in-person campuses in Sansepolcro. Finally, we will proceed with a popular publication of the operational solutions found: a practical manual, in digital and free format, of skills and tools that can be adapted and reused in broader contexts than the performing arts themselves.


Risonanze (extra)ordinarie
We are pleased to announce the start of a new initiative, the RESONANZE (EXTRA)ORDINARIE project, born with the aim of spreading and promoting reading.

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