William Shakespeare’s Half Time Job


Open rehearsal at the end of the artistic residency, on Friday 31 of March, at La Casa degli Artisti (Balestrieri Street) in Sansepolcro, from 6:30 to 10:15 pm.   

Tarot performance reading inspired by Shakespeare’s imagery for one person every 15 minutes.

Inspired by the work of William Shakespeare
direction, text development, interpretation Marco Di Costanzo
costumes Laura Dondoli
production Teatro dell’Elce
with the support of the Region of Tuscany, City of Florence, Fondazione CR Firenze
artistic residencies Armunia, Castiglioncello; Kilowatt, Sansepolcro

A hidden and collected space. A bard, or self-styled bard, with his tarot deck. Access allowed to one person at a time with a request: “Should I quit my job?” or “Should I get a divorce?” or “Should I leave or stay in the town where I live?” or other words, words, words, as long as they express a single, precise question. The answer is a reading of the cards, tarot cards, inspired by the imagery of Sir William Shakespeare.

Marco Di Costanzo is a theater director, author and actor. For nearly two decades he has been pursuing a research path focused on the direction of actors, the relationship between poietics and stage forms, ensemble creation, and the relationship between theater and society. He trained with O. Melnik in Florence and specialized with A. Vasil’ev, A. Mnouchkine, Y. Lebreton, P. Byland. In 2006 he founded Teatro dell’Elce, a production nucleus of which he is artistic director. He has been an invited director at the Intercity Festival (Setso Fiorentino), the international photography festival Cortona On the Move, the Festival Internacional de Teatro en la Gran Carpa de la Paz in Barrancabermeja (Colombia). He periodically conducts theatrical creation workshops and was artistic director of the theater section of Estate Fiesolana from 2013 to 2016.

Director’s Notes
The project starts from the desire to investigate the work of William Shakespeare and then re-propose it through a stage form that is faithful to the author but at the same time unrecognizable, contemporary. Thus was born the idea of releasing the word from the plots and characters in order to privilege the philosophical, imaginative, ethical-moral aspect: the author’s Weltanschauung will be employed in a tarot reading for a single spectator, conveyed with a language that is apparently spontaneous, extemporaneous, but actually constructed with phrases, images and anecdotes taken from his texts.


START DATE:March 28, 2023