Artistic residency May 22-27, 2023.

Open rehearsal at the end of the creative residency on Friday, May 26.

by Gianfranco Berardi and Gabriella Casolari
direction Gianfranco Berardi and Gabriella Casolari
with Gianfranco Berardi, Gabriella Casolari, Ludovico D’Agostino, Silvia Zaru
light designer Mattia Bagnoli
production IGS APS, Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse, Teatro Stabile Friuli Venezia Giulia, Fondazione Palazzo Litta per le Arti Onlus, Accademia Perduta – Romagna Teatri SCRL, Comune di Bassano del Grappa
with the support of CapoTrave/Kilowatt, Teatro dei Venti

LidOdissea starts from the study and analysis of the Homeric Odyssey – of the characters, dynamics and themes present – to rewrite a new story. An Odyssey 2.0. Ulysses, Penelope and Telemachus: a family on vacation at a beach resort, which between flashbacks and flashforwards relives and recounts the adventures of the mythological journey, transforming it into an inner journey to discover the limits, difficulties and paradoxes of contemporary society.

Compagnia Berardi Casolari was founded in 2003. Among the most important shows still on tour are “Io provo a volare – homage to Domenico Modugno” (2010); “In fondo agli occhi” (2013), directed by Cèsar Brie; “Amleto take away” (2018), which earned Gianfranco Berardi the Ubu prize; “I figli della Frettolosa” (2019).

LidOdissea is an original dramaturgy that continues and deepens the reflection on contemporary society already implemented in previous works by Compagnia Berardi Casolari, such as “Hamlet take away”, “I figli della frettolosa” and “In fondo agli occhi”. The work responds to the desire to investigate the sense of unease that, like a spectre, hovers over contemporary man immersed in the society that surrounds him, and the inadequacy that confrontation with it produces in him. Today, we live in a constant balance between making it and not making it, and even those problems that were once considered the prerogative of the younger generations have spread like wildfire, involving age groups up to 50/60 years old: a macrogeneration, united by a sense of powerlessness, inadequacy, and inability to overcome or achieve the goals imposed by the performance society in which we are all immersed. In line with Berardi Casolari’s poetic research, the theme of blindness is also present in LidOdissea, but not as an autobiographical starting point, as much as a metaphor for a sensory dimension that grips the entire contemporary society: blindness as a mental limit to which contemporary man is addicted and on which the protagonists will attempt to reflect and bring attention, unhinging through a long journey all the certainties of the spectator.

Ingresso gratuito

Free entrance

START DATE:May 26, 2023