A reflection on the fragility of our existence, between dance and circus

Visionari Selection

Lorenzo Covello

by and with Lorenzo Covello
light designer Gabriele Gugliara
assistant Agostina D’Alessandro
set designer Jesse Gagliardi
music Stefano Grasso
costumes Corinne Giugni, Valeria Mendez
production PinDoc

The conflict that tears the soul apart before making a choice and the inexorable loneliness at the moment of decision, after which nothing will ever be the same again. Thus, Prometheus decided to give humankind the fire, without knowing that it would be his end.

Lorenzo Covello began his artistic journey through circus, to continue with physical theatre and dance. Un po’ di più, show created in 2019 together with Zoe Bernabeu, won the Premio della Critica Award at Roma Fringe Festival, the Best Performance Award at the contest Direction Under30 and was selected by Kilowatt’s Visionari.

Running time 45′

non verbal show