Dopofestival in Cortona

curated by effetto~k
in collaboration with Associazione Culturale Cautha
admission to concerts 1 €
free admission to dj-sets

Musical contaminations, featuring bands and DJs from different geographical and artistic territories. From folk to jazz, not leaving out rock, pop and electronic, to go through the night together. When the curtain is drawn, the lights are turned on the music stages, to continue celebrating the ritual of aggregation and conviviality.

effetto~K is a storytelling and music workshop in Sansepolcro, born to promote narrative, musical practices and musicophilia. Cautha, Etruscan deity of the sun, dawn and beginnings, is a youth association based in Cortona focusing on culture and entertainment.


Chiostro di Sant’Agostino (Cortona)
Wed 20, Thu 21, Fri 22, Sat 23, Sun 24 July 24:00
dj-set by Francesco Cipolli, Strabob, Smile Gang, Alex Paolelli

An eclectic music selection beating the visionary hours of the night, after the end of live concerts. A magical, warm, embracing time, where you can let yourself go to diffused sounds, in contrast to the frenetic rhythm of the day.


Chiostro di Sant’Agostino (Cortona)
Wed 20 July 24:00

Father Murphy and Targhetta

Music and poetry, with the writer and poet Francesco Targhetta and his collection La colpa al capitalismo, and the soundtrack of Father Murphy, a band founded by Chiara Lee and Freddie Murphy: from individualism to digital alienation, investigating hikikomori, outcasts, aggressive drivers and shy provincials.


Chiostro di Sant’Agostino (Cortona)
Thu 21 July 24:00

Marco Parente in concert

Ready Made Life is the new project by singer-songwriter Marco Parente, with visual artist Matilda Mancuso and sound designer Lorenzo Maffucci. Extemporaneous songs, colours, lights, sounds, evoked by the words of the writers Ferlinghetti, Campana, Whitman, Pasolini.


Chiostro di Sant’Agostino (Cortona)
Fri 22 July 24:00

Marco Cesarini and Uqbar Orchestra in concert

Uqbar Orchestra was born in 2021 from a project by the musician and composer Marco Cesarini; afterwards it has become a group of 8 musicians with a jazz vocation: a liquid orchestra, a multiform project that changes according to situations and contexts.


Chiostro di Sant’Agostino (Cortona)
Sat 23 July 24:00

Brass to House in concert

An anomalous trio, 2 saxophones and 1 drums, inspired by New York fusion. Their house is based on pounding rhythmic patterns, variations of tone and basis, melodic lines on elementary themes: all as in a paradoxical loop, to encourage movement.


Chiostro di Sant’Agostino (Cortona)
Sun 24 July 24:00

Alessandro Duranti Band, Akiro, MLVG in concert

Gran Finale of the festival with all the freshness of the new music scene: Alessandro Duranti and his indie-pop songs, the MLVG rap/hip-hop collective from Asiago andt he young rap artist Akiro from Cortona.

Action realised thanks to the Carica dei 101 project through the call “Siete Presente. Con i giovani per ripartire” promoted by Cesvot and financed by Regione Toscana – Giovanisì in agreement with the Department for Youth Policies and Universal Civil Service, with the contribution of Fondazione CR di Firenze.

Ingresso gratuito

Free entrance

START DATE:July 24, 2022


20/07 -- 24.00

21/07 -- 24.00

22/07 -- 24.00

23/07 -- 24.00

LOCATIONChiostro di Sant'Agostino, Cortona