To R Mansion

Circo / Circus
Lun 22 luglio / Mon 22 July, Piazza Torre di Berta, 22:00

_MG_0036 のコピー

by and with Hanabi Uwanosora, Kayo Nozaki, Yujiro Marumoto, Gilbert de Moccos

national premiere

running time 40′

Ispired by the slapstick comedy by Marx Brothers, the show is played in manga-like rhythm, burlesque, pantomime, acrobats: it is a kaleidoscope of characters, and even an invisible man. They are all twisted, but somehow never bitter nor dark. Fun for people of every age.

The company to R mansion performed in many street art and theater festivals worldwide: 79 cities in 15 countries in Asia, Europe and South America. In 2010 The Show was selected as one of the top 20 performances among the 1.082 of the Avignon Off festival.

non-verbal show

free admission (€ 3,00 deckchair rental)