A pranzo con gli artisti

Some families of Sansepolcro ask the companies attending the festival to dinner at home. 

Le vetrine del Festival

Over thirty shops in Sansepolcro decorate their windows with advertising materials of the festival to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

Find your show: la caccia al tesoro

On Kilowatt Facebook page there is a daily clue for the treasure hunt: you could win free tickets to evening shows.

È’ il tuo pensiero che conta: idee per i prossimi mille anni di Sansepolcro

You can write your thoughts and suggestions about the future of Sansepolcro and leave them in the gift boxes spread over the town.

Arts&Crafts: mercatino di artigianato artistico

Every night, 6:00 p.m.-12:00 p.m., in Piazza Santa Chiara, artisans and artists exhibit and sell their works.