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Teatro dei Borgia

Martedì / Tuesday 21 luglio, 19:10, Chiostro Laudi
Mercoledì / Wednesday 22 luglio, 19:00, Chiostro Laudi
Giovedì / Thursday 23 luglio, 17:00, Chiostro Laudi



Set in a tent, the tale of a separated parent

freely inspired by Euripide
dramaturgy Fabrizio Sinisi
with Christian di Domenico
created and directed by Gianpiero Borgia
co-production Festival Colline Torinesi, CTB Centro Teatrale Bresciano
press agent Antonietta Magli
communication manager Margherita Cristiani
administration Delia Tondo
distribution Paolo Gorietti, Marianna Pezzini for Ass. Lucciola
graphic design Lella Povia, Roberto D’Introno

Inspired by the Greek myth of Heracles, the story of an ordinary man who is a good father and husband, whose life runs into an unexpected event and breaks down. It is an immersive performance about the confused feeling of fear and anger spreading in our society.

Teatro dei Borgia was born in 2013 in Apulia thanks to the stage director and performer Gianpiero Alighiero Borgia and the actress and author Elena Cotugno, finalist at the 2019 Ubu Award for the performance Medea per Strada.

running time: 60’

Show of 21st July

Show of 22nd July

Show of 23rd July