by MeaRevolutionae

Music – Circus – Dance
Piscine Pincardini – From 20 to 26 of July from 00.00


Love Sick Duo

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Mea Revolutionae


Flame Parade

Flame Parade




After-festival, music, shows and lounge area

by Mearevolutionae

Mearevolutionae has been working for years in the Valtiberina cultural landscape, proposing innovative and experimental music. Among their many and eclectic events, it is quite significant the organization of concerts in public spaces, aimed to regenerate historical city centers.


Lunedì 20 luglio
Contraerea “Petit bal”
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Martedì 21 luglio
Flame Parade in concerto

Mercoledì 22 luglio
Sinedades in concerto

Giovedì 23 luglio
Lovesick Duo in concerto

Venerdì 24 luglio
Yoy in concerto

Sabato 25 luglio
Maestro in concerto

Domenica 26 luglio
Salvo Lombardo “Outdoor Dance Floor” (in collaborazione con Anghiari Dance Hub)
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Martedì 21 luglio
Flame Parade in concert
New folk quintet from Arezzo. Born in 2012, since then they have been playing guitars, violins, drums, for several live concerts and recorded albums.

Mercoledì 22 luglio
Sinedades in concert
Sinedades is a South American folk duo that moves between Latin rhythms, sounds of nature, dreamlike atmospheres and sunny melodies.

Giovedì 23 luglio
Lovesick Duo in concert
Lovesick Duo combines the sound of rock ‘n roll and American country with an original composition in Italian: singer-songwriters, irony and blues are the core of their concert.

Venerdì 24 luglio
Yoy in concert
The trio’s first album was released in 2019 by WWNBB and it is characterized by dark and dreamy atmospheres, whose sounds are pressed by delicate and unexpected beat.

Sabato 25 luglio
Maestro in concert
Maestro is a project born by the union of a graphic designer and two musicians: electronic music and visual art to imagine new creative perspectives.