CK Teatro / Walking on the Moon – primo studio


Sun July 17th, Teatro alla Misericordia, 20:30              

director Leonardo Ferrari Carissimi
playwright Fabio Morgan
actors Renato Campese, Luca Mannocci, Anna Favella
lighting designer and technician Martin Emanuel Palma
set designer Alessandra Muschella
organizer Chiara Girardi
production Progetto Goldstein
co-produced by CapoTrave / Kilowatt
in the framework of the European project Be SpectACTive! – CapoTrave/Kilowatt Sansepolcro (IT), Bakelit Multi Art Center Budapest (HU), B-51 Ljubljana (SI), Domino Zagreb (HR), LIFT London (UK), Tanec Praha (CZ), Teatrul National Radu Stanca Sibiu (RO), York Theatre Royal (UK)

length 70’

Like a contemporary fairy tale, “Walking on the Moon” brings us the feeling of the present and the memory of the past by weaving together the stories of three characters: Elia, a young computer programmer, Alice, a historian, passionate about medieval literature, and an aged Michael Collins, an astronaut, an eccentric and argumentative character.

CKTeatro was founded in 2008 by Leonardo Ferrari Carissimi and Fabio Morgan, who, in the same year, were placed in charge of the management of Teatro dell’Orologio, in Rome. CK Teatro is produced and supported by the Progetto Goldstein.

entrance ticket € 9,00 (€ 6,00 with the Kilowatt Card 2016–17)