Saty Hungry foto di scena1

“STAY HUNGRY – Indagine di un affamato”
DAF / Angelo Campolo

Domenica / Sunday 26 luglio, 23:20, Chiostro San Francesco


Stay Hungry foto di scena2

Social integration is not a gossip

by and with Angelo Campolo
set design Giulia Drogo
assistant director Antonio Previti
management Giuseppe Ministeri
execuive secretarial Mariagrazia Coco

Starting from the theatre workshops held on the shore of the Strait of Messina, the encounter with a group of young migrants is the beginning for the author of a special adventure, where the play changes into a way to read the topics of integration.

Angelo Campolo studied at Piccolo Teatro in Milan. Finalist of the Ubu Award as Best Actor Under 35 in 2016, he manages the DAF company, focusing on social topics. He has just won the 2020 In-Box with Stay Hungry.

running time: 60’