Odemà “Mea culpa”

Wednesday July 25th, 22:30 / S.Chiara

national premiere

dramaturgy by Enrico Ballardini
directors and actors Enrico Ballardini, Giulia D’Imperio, Davide Gorla
music Enrico Ballardini and Gipo Gurrado
lighting designer Monica Gorla
co-production Kilowatt Festival
supported by Associazione culturale UddU and by Teatro Garibaldi Aperto di Palermo and Com Teatro di Corsico

lenght 60’

The theatre is a court of law. The defendant killed his brother. The prison guards are a duo. From above, the Supreme Judge’s eye rests on. The audience is the jury. Words are cages: it is impossible to escape. Who will be declared guilty? Who is the real victim? Because you always need a victim when you are searching for the guilty.

The theatre company Odemà was founded in 2009 by Enrico Ballardini, Giulia D’Imperio and Davide Gorla. They received a special mention at Scenario Prize 2009 for the play A tua immagine. Odemà coproduced a show about the Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani together with the composer and musician Gipo Gurrado.