Nina’s Drag Queens/Aparte / Vedi alla voce: Alma

vedi alla voce alma- ph.valentinabianchi

Visionari’s Selection / Theatre
Thu July 20th, Teatro alla Misericordia, 20:30

Nina’s Drag Queens / Aparte “Vedi alla voce: Alma”

written and performed by Lorenzo Piccolo
directed by Alessio Calciolari
assistant director Ulisse Romanò
tutor Daria Deflorian – creative residence Officina LachesiLAB
set and costume designer Rosa Mariotti
light designer Andrea Violato
co-producer Danae Festival
supported by Fondazione Cariplo
part of the project fUnder 35
show selected by Next – Laboratorio delle idee 2016/17

running time 75′

Two stories of folly due to love: the one between Alma Mahler and the painter Kokoschka, and the one of the woman on the phone from “The Human Voice” by Cocteau. Two women opposed to each other: the first one is free, independent, inspiring and the personification of art; the other is anonymous, behaving like a victim. Both are the protagonists of a relationship more similar to a violence than to love.

Born in 2007 at Teatro Ringhiera in Milan, Nina’s group of actors and dancers was founded by Fabio Chiesa, under the artistic direction of Francesco Micheli. They have found in the figure of the Drag Queen the best expression of their idea of theatre. The group’s research is inspired by the drag queen aesthetics, combined with the prose of drama masters such as Cechov and Brecht.

admission ticket € 9,00 (€ 6,00 with the Kilowatt Card 2017-18)