Nicola Galli / Venus


Tue July 19th, Teatro alla Misericordia, 20:30
Serata Anticorpi eXpLo
concept, performance, direction and choreography Nicola Galli
and with Alessandra Fabbri
props Andrea Mosca
costumes Elena Massari
music John Cage, Steve Reich, Edgard Varèse
production Tir Danza
in collaboration with L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora, Rete Anticorpi XL
artistic residences Teatro Astoria, Teatro Comunale Vicenza, Teatro Julio Cortazar
selected for Anticorpi eXpLo 2015 – Network XL
supported by Fondo per la Danza D’autore / Regione Emilia-Romagna 2015-16

length 30′

Two human figures land on Venus and introduce an alphabet of gestures through gymnastic and balletic exercises. Their earthly origin upsets the atmosphere of Venus: the movement of the two strangers is stressed by the elements that interrupt the action and bring everything back to order.

Nicola Galli (Ferrara, 1990) has focused his research on the body, ranging from choreography to performance installations. His creations were selected for 2015 NID Platform, 2012/2015 Vetrina della Giovane Danza d’Autore / Network Anticorpi XL and 2016 D-CAF El Cairo.

non-verbal show
entrance ticket Venus + Mars € 9,00 (€ 6,00 with the Kilowatt Card 2016 – 17)