Thu., Fri., Sat. 25 – 26 – 27, from 8pm to 12pm
performance for a single spectator – reservations required at

by and with Chiara Vallini
music Fabio Viana

lenght 3’

In this philosopher- cook’s opinion, everything has its dark side,which often turns out to be the most interesting. We have not to stop at the surface, we need to go beyond appearances rediscovering astonishment. The cook welcomes her customers one at a time, preparing for each of them aspecial recipe, selected from her cook book.

Chiara Vallini attended the drama school Teatro del Sole in Milan. Her company I vicini di Peppino, working from 2004 to 2011, was recognized by the Sistema Teatro of Turinand the Circuito Teatrale in Piedmont among the most interesting companies in the regional landscape; it participated at the Biennial of Youngartists from Europe andthe Mediterranean and won the Godot Prize assigned by ERT. In October 2011 she founded the Neo Association.