Circo Zoè

Ospitalità / Circo
Sab / Sat 21 Luglio
Piazza Torre di Berta, 22:40

by and with Chiara Sicoli, Simone Benedetti, Diego Zanoli, Marta Pistocchi, Marco Ghezzo, Adrien Fretard, Anouck Blanchet, Gael Manipoud, Ivan Do-Duc, Yoann Breton
music Diego Zanoli
light designer Yoann Breton

running time 50′

Naufragata” is a captivating and poetic show, in which circus and music create a timeless world to wreck into. On the shores of the Mediterranean sea the wind blows, inflating the sails of the vessels loaded with imagination and poetry. Fragrant smells merge like the echoes of distant sounds. Riding the waves of creativity, Circo Zoé invites you to be part of a unique journey, to the rhythm of the drums that mark the movements, on the notes of the accordion that accompanies the crew’s evolution.

Circo Zoè is an Italian-French company, that had its debut in 2012 in Turin, with the show “Zoè.” An International tour followed, including the Festival Karacena in Morocco, Mirabilia, Cirque Electrique in Parigi, Arènes in Nanterre, Mois Molières in Versailles. Its latest production, “Born to be Circus,” was applauded at the Museo Picasso in Paris, in 2017.

non-verbal show

free admission (€ 3,00 deckchair rental)