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Music & words at Palazzo delle Laudi




Ospitalità / Musica
Lun / Mon 16, Mar / Tue 17, Mer / Wed 18, Gio / Thu 19 luglio
Palazzo Delle Laudi, 18.00
De Leo

curated by Luca Garrò

Lun / Mon 16 Luglio, Chiostro di Palazzo delle Laudi, ore 18:00

John De Leo music & words

John De Leo is the singer and the founder of Quintorigo band. “Rospo”, “Grigio” and “In cattività” are their most famous albums. Following his research as an innovator, John De Leo started his solo career in 2017. His last album is “Sento doppio”, recorded in 2017 together with pianist Fabrizio Puglisi.

Mar / Tue 17 Luglio, Chiostro di Palazzo delle Laudi, ore 18:00

Fernando Saunders (USA) music & words

Fernando Saundersbass guitar characterized the albums and the concerts of artists like Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Tori Amos, Joan Baez and, most of all, Lou Reed. With him, Saunders shared his life in the recording studio and on the road, for about thirty years. His solo career proves him to be one of the most eclectic artists in history.

Mer / Wed 18 Luglio, Chiostro di Palazzo delle Laudi, ore 18:00

Omar Pedrini music & words

For years, Timoria leader Omar Pedrini represented one of the most exquisitely rock n’ roll musicians ever produced by Italian music. His successful career includes all the classical archetypes of that kind of music, and that makes himself a model of a rock singer-songwriter.

Gio / Thu 19 Luglio, Chiostro di Palazzo delle Laudi, ore 18:00

Maurizio Solieri music & words

Historical artistic partner and childhood friend of Vasco Rossi, Maurizio Solieri embodied the rock guitar in our Country for over thirty years. He brought a language never used before in a musical environment, previously characterized by singer-songwriting only.