Matteo Latino T/S teatrostalla “Infactory (stabulazione fissa)”


Friday July 20th, 21:00 / Santa Chiara

performers Matteo Latino, Fortunato Leccese
director Matteo Latino

lenght 50’

Two calves in a place, enlightened by the same light. The illusion of a close freedom avoids any form of rebellion. Through the two calves lives we will witness an identity derailment that will force us to exhume our animal nature. A calf in a fixed stall, which kind of human being will ever be?

The theatre company T/S teatrostalla was born in 2009. Its headquarters are in Rome, at Kollatino Underground. It won the prestigious Scenario Prize 2011 for the performance Infactory. In 2012 it built a theatre in a stable in the Gargano National Park. The group is now working on the comic book and film version of Infactory. The new play is Bamby says fuck.