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Lunedì / Monday 20 luglio, 21:40, Giardino Misericordia


no credits

An awarded choreography inspired to the animal world

choreography and performance Pablo Girolami
and with Giacomo Todeschi
costumes Caterina Politi
co-production DANCEHAUSpiù, Festival Danza in rete Vicenza/Schio

At the beginning it seems the enthusiastic game of two boys, then the rhythm gets faster and the movement becomes a courting dance, looking for its own natural instinct. Elegant like cranes, accurate like spiders, bodies simultaneously react to each other impulses.

Manbuhsa is the first work of the Italian-Swiss company Ivona, founded in 2019: selected by the Anticorpi network, it is the winner of Twain direzioni-Altre Award and of the audience prize at the choreographic Certamen in Madrid.

running time: 35’

non-verbal show