Kilowatt Festival 2020
20-26 July
Sansepolcro (AR)
Journey To The End Of The Night

In these difficult months, we have never stopped working on this edition of Kilowatt, even when it has been difficult to hope for it, and we have constantly dealt with all the institutions that invest in our project and with the artists, to share thoughts and opinions.
Today we are happy to announce that Kilowatt Festival 2020 will take place, in outdoor stages, in the cloisters of Sansepolcro, and with live streaming in a city square, for those who will not be able to enter the show venues which, due to distancing, will have limited capacity of 70-80 seats.

the artists
Pietro Angelini, Bambula Project, Jerome Bel, Bernabeu – Covello, Elena Burani, Angelo Campolo, Filippo Ceredi, Collettivo Superstite, Condorelli / Tringali, Contraerea, Andrea Cosentino, Mohamed El Khatib, Franctis Dance Company, Lucrezia Gabrieli, Pablo Girolami, Benjamin Khan / Cherish Menzo, Roberto Latini, Leviedelfool, Lovesick duo, Salvo Lombardo, Maestro, Paolo Mazzarelli, Menoventi, Piccola Compagnia Dammacco, Cinzia Pietribiasi,, Giselda Ranieri, Ricordati di Rimini, Francesca Sarteanesi, Scena Madre, Alessandro Sesti, Stefania Tansini, Teatro delle Ariette, Teatro dei Borgia, Teatro in Fabula, Teatro Rebis, Yoy.