Kilow’Art 2010 – 2017

Kilow’Art is the visual arts section powered by Kilowatt Festival.
Since 2011, Kilow’Art, curated by Saverio Verini, focused in artistic project that promote the active involvement of the local communities, exploring the history of Sansepolcro and the personal memories of the habitants.


Anghiari, Loggetta della Fonte, 4 P.M., “La Pagliuzza d’Oro” (Speck Of Gold) Pietro Gagliano’s public lesson

Monterchi, Piazza del Comune, 5 P.M., “Gold Diggers” collective action

Gold Diggers is a project by Pietro Gaglianò in collaboration with Chiara Mu. She is an Italian artist who works between Rome and London, where she obtained a master’s degree in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design. She is also the author of various actions about the relation between art and public sphere.

The project was conceived as an exercise of investigation and restitution of the various cultural and relational identities of the territory by performances. It was developed during a creative residence made by Chiara Mu together with 3 artists under 35 working in Tuscany (plus one artist leaving in the area) in Monterchi, Sansepolcro and Anghiari. The artists, apart from Chiara Mu, were:

  • Marco Mercati
  • Daniela Pitrè
  • Matteo Coluccia
  • Martina Grifoni

Chiara Mu directed a workshop during the creative residence, from 8 to 15 October 2017, going into performative and relational practices concerning to visual arts field. The teaching program included both theoretical and physical activities, brainstorming and practice in the field; it was intensive and required the full time presence of the artists. The performances for the public, in the amazing frame of the historical center of Monterchi, were the climax of the project .

Un progetto di Pietro Gaglianò

Piazza Garibaldi
Sund July 17th 2016, 18:30
Mon 18, 18:30
Wed 20, 18:30

An experimental format to get to know contemporary art: meetings in the piazza, outside the conventional educational schemes, based on the principle of reciprocal learning. Nuova Didattica Popolare was thought up in 2013 by the Guilmi Art Project (creative residence in the province of Chieti) for the art critic and curator Pietro Gaglianò. In the setting of Sansepolcro he will involve the people of the town and the Kilowatt public, attempting to make a chink in the fortress of the knowledge of art, usually occupied only by those who are employed in the field.

Pietro Gaglianò (1975), art critic and curator, has strengthened the relation between the aesthetics of power and individual liberty, preferring the urban, architectural and social context as the scene of contemporary artistic training.

Kilow’Art 2015: ADUNANZA
Artista: Francesco Ciavaglioli (1983)
opening, Saturday 18 July, 6.30 pm
completion of the work, Wednesday 22 July, 2:30 pm

“Adunanza” (Assembly) is a collective portrait of Sansepolcro and its community. Taking his inspiration from the iconography of “La Madonna della Misericordia” -who protects and looks the believers over- the artist Francesco Ciavaglioli collected hundreds of photos of Sansepolcro citizens, creating a collage of faces side by side on a backlit panel. Afterwards, during the first days of Kilowatt Festival, with the collaboration of the city’s inhabitants, a translucent paper will be put on this surface, and Ciavaglioli will trace and colour the faces one by one: a gesture of self-representation by the community, who does not show itself protected by the golden mantle of the Virgin, but it decides to expose itself, shining with its own light.


Kilow’Art 2014 | NASR – Nuove Aree di Sosta Religiosa
artists: Lorenzo Cianchi (1985) and Michele Tajariol (1985)
Project selected by an unprecedented mixed jury made up of an art professional (Ilaria Gianni, co-director at Nomas Foundation, Rome), Kilowatt’s artistic director (Luca Ricci) and a group of 23 local citizens who do not belong to the art world. During a two-month residency, the participating artists studied and reinterpreted the wayside shrines in collaboration with a group of people from Sansepolcro. The installations were placed along the streets in the historical centre.

Kilow’Art 2013 | La neve di luglio
artist: Maria Teresa Zingarello (1985)
The artist organized a collective action involving 83 people who were invited to symbolically occupy the main city square. The performance was inspired by the destruction of Torre Berta, the tower that once stood at the centre of the square and that was destroyed by the Nazis. The title refers to the memories of some witnesses who say that when the tower came down they saw “la neve di luglio” (July snow) which was really the dust produced by the crumbling of the tower.

Kilow’Art 2012 | Happens Everyday
artist: Filippo Berta (1977)
The project was divided into two phases: a workshop leading to a performance entitled Happens Everyday and the artist’s solo exhibition. The performance involved 20 people from Sansepolcro who inside a classroom had to simultaneously lift the desks in order to turn them upside down: a gesture alluding to the overthrowing of conventions. Their effort however was worthless: the desks were too heavy and the performers were defeated struggling in this physical and psychological challenge.

Kilow’Art 2011 | Momenti di trascurabile sacralità
artisti: Luan Bajraktari, Francesco Biccheri, Francesco Capponi, Francesco Ciavaglioli, Ivan Frenguelli, Elisa Fuso, Jacopo Gregori, Simona Moretti, Gabriella Napolitano, Valerio Niccacci
The exposition was composed by many site specific inside the ex-church of Santa Chiara. The works were based by the interaction between the space and the objects/paintings of the exposition.

Kilow’Art 2010: Temporary gallery – Expressive short-circuit of emerging artists at the auditorium and at the cloister of Santa Chiara
Artists: Arianna Lerussi, Klaus Morgue, Alessandra Rinaudo and Marta Coletti

The artists form a technologically heterogeneous but stylistically allied Bolognese collective, with works ranging from painting to photography, to video and audio installations.
The same areas of the Auditorium and the Cloister of Santa Chiara host the exhibition of the photographers Alessandro Banducci, Andrea D’Ambrosio and Paolo Lafratta.