Kilow’Art #1 – Pietro Gaglianò / Nuova didattica popolare


Kilow’Art #1

curator Saverio Verini
Piazza Garibaldi
Sun July 17th, 18:30
Mon July 18th, 18:30
Wed July 20th, 18:30

length 60’

An experimental format to get to know contemporary art: meetings in the piazza, outside the conventional educational schemes, based on the principle of reciprocal learning. Nuova Didattica Popolare was thought up in 2013 by the Guilmi Art Project (creative residence in the province of Chieti) for the art critic and curator Pietro Gaglianò. In the setting of Sansepolcro he will involve the people of the town and the Kilowatt public, attempting to make a chink in the fortress of the knowledge of art, usually occupied only by those who are employed in the field.

Pietro Gaglianò (1975), art critic and curator, has strengthened the relation between the aesthetics of power and individual liberty, preferring the urban, architectural and social context as the scene of contemporary artistic training.

free entrance