Kate & Pasi (FIN) / Suhde


Hospitality / Circus
Fri July 21st, Piazza Torre di Berta, 22:05

Kate & Pasi (FIN) “Suhde”

by and with Katerina Repponen and Pasi Nousiainen

running time 50′


Interpersonal relationships are the subject of Kate & Pasi’s hand in hand acrobatic show. The Finnish duo Kate & Pasi literally juggles with the elements of a love relationship, playing with heart-stopping acrobatics, sensitivity and a lot of self-mockery.

Pasi Nousiainen graduated from Circuspiloterna in Stockholm, while Katerina Repponen studied at Further Education Center in Lahti. They both improved their technique at Kiev Circus Academy. Since 2010, they have been working together, cooperating with many traditional and contemporary circuses and theatre productions in Europe and in the USA.

in partnership with Associazione Commercianti Sansepolcro
non-verbal show
free admission (€ 3,00 deckchair rental)