Irene Russolillo “Strascichi”


Fri. July 25th, Sansepolcro, Teatro alla Misericordia, 23.20

director and performer Irene Russolillo
music Piero Corso, Irene Russolillo
technical assistant Luca Telleschi
texts by Russolillo, Portishead, Sean Hayes, Beckett, Cohen, Morante, Szimborska
co-production ALDES
with the collaboration of c32 performing art workspace, Centro Artistico Il Grattacielo, Electa Creative Arts
supported by MIBACT, Regione Toscana

length 25’

Finding ourselves funny in our own solitude. How to talk about it? Saying about saying. Explaining words by words. Talking about subjects to talk about. Playing to compose excerpts of a story which are assonant with each other in their sense and structure. Trying to be self-sufficient. A late feminism? Maybe it could be… Let’s make a virtue of necessity.

As dancer, Russolillo worked with Micha Van Hoecke, Mario Piazza, Daniela Capacci, Harry Albert, Claudio Bernardo, Francesca La Cava, Roberto Castello, Company Blu, Julyen Hamilton and Takla Improvising Group. She is co-author of Antipasto (finalist premio Nuove Sensibilità 2010), author of Ebollizione (finalist at 2012 GD’A Puglia competition) for young choreographers and selected by 2013 Anticorpi Network XL  and Strascichi (2014 Outlet Award). In 2014 she won the Equilibrio Award as Best Performer.