After many months of work, on Thursday, September 1st (at Palazzo delle Laudi, Sala del Consiglio Comunale, 6 p.m.), the Palio della Balestra 2022 banner, created by the artistic duo Bianco-Valente through the project “Le parole e le mani,” coordinated by the CapoTrave/Kilowatt Association, will be presented. Participating in the presentation will be: the Mayor and Cultural Assessor of Sansepolcro, Bianco-Valente, the Crossbowmen’s Society, the Flag-Wavers Group, the Association Una Valle di Donne, the CapoTrave/Kilowatt Association and others involved in the realization of the event. The banner will represent Sansepolcro during the Sansepolcro-Gubbio dispute to be held on Sunday, September 11, and will be presented to the winners.

The project “Le parole e le mani” by the Bianco-Valente company, is a participatory work that involved the entire community of Sansepolcro, aimed at the creation of the Palio. During the periods of artistic residencies, starting in January 2022, the duo had the opportunity to meet many associations related to historical re-enactments and dialogued with many citizens.

The new banner was created using everyday cloths donated by 50 citizens. The weave of the cloths was unraveled by the Association Una Valle di Donne and rewoven together by 68 students from classes 1LA, 1LB, 2LA, 2LB of the Giovagnoli High School of Art led by the teacher Patrizia Giovagnini. The final stage of weaving saw the collaboration of seamstress Marilena Lanzi, while the embroideries are the work of the “Rosanna Creazioni” workshop.

The project is curated by the art critic Pietro Gaglianò, developed with the support of Toscanaincontemporanea 2022 and Creative Living Lab, a call promoted by the Ministry of Culture’s General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity, and with the mentorship of Roberto Ferrari, director of the Galileo Museum-Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence.

Artists Giovanna Bianco and Pino Valente live in Naples, where they met in 1993. The poetics of the artistic duo is based on the observation of relationships and their complexity. They begin their journey by investigating the body-mind duality, the evolution of patterns of interaction between life forms, perception, transmission of experiences, and relationships through storytelling and writing. Since 2008, they have been curating with Pasquale Campanella the public art project A Cielo Aperto, developed in Latronico, Basilicata, pursuing the idea of working on the construction of an open-air diffuse museum, in which different permanent works dialogue with the mountain environment, and to intervene in the urban space with shared and participatory planning.



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