It is an open democratic assembly that every year involves the Visionari, the citizens of the Valtiberina, who are not professionals, participating in the activities of the CapoTrave/Kilowatt Association and selecting nine shows for the Kilowatt Festival program.
Participation is open to all, with no special requirements, other than an interest in theater and dance, and a desire to share. Each year, from January to April, the visionari watch and discuss together the videos of the shows received through the Call L’Italia dei Visionari, to make their selection: the Visionari Selection.
The group currently includes 41 citizens from Valtiberina, but the association renews its invitation to the citizenship to participate each year. You too can become a Visionario!
The Visionari format was developed by the director and playwright Luca Ricci and was born in 2007 within the Kilowatt Festival, of which Ricci himself is the creator together with Lucia Franchi.