C&C Company / Ortika

Ven 19 Luglio / Fri 19 July, Chiostro Santa Chiara, 23:10

estinzione ofelia rubbish

concept, choreography and creation Carlo Massari, Alice Conti
created, acted and singed by Carlo Massari, Alice Conti and Chiara Osella
light designer and videos Alice Colla
assistant Rossella Corna


running time 35’


A tsunami of things. From the mounds sparse human fossils emerge, remains of a civilization, the last, the survivors. A dumb girl makes her way through the rags. She got lost among the human mass who ransacked a mall, during a Black Friday: a human apocalypse that translates the dynamics of an entire species on the abyss into physical action, word and song.

C&C was born in 2011 from the collaboration between Carlo Massari and Chiara Taviani. The company is characterized by a strong vocation for the search of a physical and dramaturgical language, related to contemporary social issues. Ortika was born in 2011 from the collaboration between Alice Conti and Alice Colla.

non-verbal show

admission ticket € 9,00 (€ 6,00 with the Kilowatt Card 2019-20)