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Ospitalità / Teatro
Lun / Mon 16 Luglio
Teatro alla Misericordia, 20:10

by Gianni Farina and Consuelo Battiston
with Consuelo Battiston and Andrea Argentieri
directed by Gianni Farina
organized by Ilenia Carrone
promotional image Marco Smacchia
in collaboration with Masque teatro, progetto interregionale di residenze artistiche

world premiere

running time 80′

“Docile” is an original piece, born from the will to investigate the theme of social justice, and focusing on access to knowledge and hereditary subordination. It is a tale of our times, telling the story of a docile and resigned woman through an ever-changing scenic language.

Menoventi was founded by Consuelo Battiston, Gianni Farina and Alessandro Miele in 2005. The company has been awarded with the Rete Critica Award (2011), the Hystrio-Castel dei Mondi Award and “Lo Straniero” Award (2012). Their most recent works include: “Credi ai tuoi occhi” (2014) and the shows from the “Ascoltate!” series, dedicated to the city of Rome and to the Romagna region.

admission ticket € 9,00 (€ 6,00 with the Kilowatt Card 2018-19)