Intensive workshop by Riccardo Caporossi

Masterclass / Masterclass
dal 19 al 27 Luglio / from 19 to 27 July


Kilowatt Festival and Radicondoli Festival, with the collaboration of the magazine Hystrio, organize a masterclass for actors conducted by Riccardo Caporossi, which will take place in two phases: a first meeting from Friday 19 to Saturday 27 July in Sansepolcro, which includes a final sharing in the area of Kilowatt Festival and a second meeting on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 July in Radicondoli, with the final sharing during the festival.
Applications for participation and any requests for information or reservations within the affiliated facilities must be sent to michele.rossi@kilowattfestival attaching a curriculum and links to any video materials.

Riccardo Caporossi graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome. With Claudio Remondi, who died in 2013, he created a historic couple of the Italian theater, Rem & Cap, specialized in finding new theatrical languages. Working as authors, directors and actors, they have privileged a method that develops a dramaturgy based on images and created directly on stage.
The most relevant shows: Sacco, Richiamo, Rotobolo, Cottimisti, Pozzo, Branco, Antigone, Teatro, Bosco, Spera, Ameba, Rem&Cap, Passaggi, Quelli che restano, Coro,Leggenda, Personaggi, Senzafine, Mondo Nuovo, Romitori, Olio, Aion, Sotterraneo, Forme, Ritratti, Me & Me, Sacco, Passaggi, Altri Giorni Felici, Richiamo, Scartoe Orchestra in sciopero.