Visionari selection
Fri 23, Teatro Dante 20:15

National Premiere

Collettivo Munerude

The turning of the substance, through a process of transformation of the body: mass that disrupts and composes itself, finding new spaces. Like a falling leaf, a pulsating organ, the lava flow, the stone resistance. The generation of new forms, up to become a unique organism. 

50’ [running time]

by and with Francesca Antonino, Laura Chieffo, Ilaria Quaglia
music Gabriele Ottino e Anything Pointless
light design Mattia Bagnoli
costumes Maatroom
production Déjà Donnè, Sosta Palmizi
with the support of Permutazioni – coworking coreografico a cura di Casa Luft, Zerogrammi, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, e con il supporto di / and with the support of Cavallerizza Irreale – Torino, H(abita)T – Rete di Spazi per la Danza/Leggere Strutture/Comune di Budrio, ART BO, Aldes/Spam! rete per le arti contemporenee, Hangart Fest

Munerude is an artistic company founded in 2017 by Ilaria Quaglia, Francesca Antonino and Laura Chieffo. Granito is their first project, selected by 2020 Vetrina Anticorpi and finalist at the Twain Direzioni Altre Award. 

Bodies corrupted by time, changing continuously

non verbal show