Cinzia De Lorenzi “Tu sei una parte di me”


Tuesday July 24th, 21:00 / Chiostro di Santa Chiara

performance presented thanks to Invito di Sosta, a project by Sosta Palmizi
concept and choreography Cinzia Delorenzi
performers Matteo Bologna, Mattia Castelli, Cinzia Delorenzi, Marta Lucchini, Eleonora Parrello
music Alberto Boccardi extracts from Erik Satie, Fabrizio De André
lighting designer Stefano Panni
costumes Luci Lapolla
co-production Festival Danae – progetto Ares, Sosta Palmizi

lenght 50’

A vision on the present time that unfolds through emotion-provoking pictures where imagery meets reality, creating various landscapes inhabited by figures poised between dream and reality. Through a journey full of evocative atmospheres, the performance proceeds towards the construction of a rite suited to celebrate the return to earth as the only space where life is possible.

The company is formed by the choreographer and artistic director Cinzia Delorenzi and the dance and theatre performers Matteo Bologna, Marta Lucchini, Eleonora Parrello, Mattia Castelli. Around the company core there is a network of relations: performers, artists, video-makers, musicians.