Carrozzeria Orfeo “Thanks for Vaselina”


Thu. July 24th, Teatro alla Misericordia, 21.00

by Gabriele Di Luca
directors Gabriele Di Luca, Massimiliano Setti, Alessandro Tedeschi
with Gabriele Di Luca, Massimiliano Setti, Beatrice Schiros, Alessandro Tedeschi, Francesca Turrini
music Massimiliano Setti
lighting designer Diego Sacchi
costumes and set designer Nicole Marsano, Giovanna Ferrara
organization Luisa Supino
press office Le Staffette
co-production Fondazione Pontedera Teatro
in collaboration with La Corte Ospitale, Festival Internazionale Castel dei Mondi di Andria

length 90’

The United States of America want to bomb Mexico, destroying all marijuana plantations. Fil, cynical and disillusioned, and Charlie, determined defender of animal and civil rights, both in their thirties and with an uncertain future, in their apartment grow large quantities of marijuana and, with two opposing reasons, decide to try their fortune: reversing the normal trend of the market by exporting marijuana from Italy to Mexico.

After their graduation at the “Nico Pepe Accademia d’Arte Drammatica” in Udine, Setti, Di Luca e Supino, in 2007, founded Carrozzeria Orfeo Company. Among their performances: Nuvole Barocche (2007), Gioco di Mano (2008), Sul Confine (2009), Idoli (2011), Robe dell’altro mondo (2012) and Thanks for Vaselina (2013).