BlucinQue / Xstream


Hospitality / Circus
Thu July 20th, Piazza Torre di Berta, 22:05

BlucinQue “Xstream”

a project by Caterina Mochi Sismondi and Paolo Stratta
director and choreographer Caterina Mochi Sismondi
electronic and live music Monica Olivieri and Rouairi Mooney Cumiskey
set designer assistant Lucio Diana
with Jonnathan Rodriguez Angel, Camilo Jimenez, Lukas Vaca Medina, Ruairi Mooney Cumiskey
music consultant Giorgio Li Calzi
teacher of circus Arian Miluka
coproducers blucinQue | Qanat Arte e Spettacolo
in cooperation with Fondazione Cirko Vertigo

running time 60′

It’s a work on extreme disequilibrium and an idea of continuous flow. Four live music artists tell their stories, fragments of stories to show bodies acting on a space that turns with acrobatic dance and circus techniques.

Company run by director and choreographer Caterina Mochi Sismondi, balanced between tradition and experimentation, between word and motion theater, through different areas of contemporary creativity: dance theater, visual arts, music and performance.

in partnership with Associazione Commercianti Sansepolcro
non-verbal show
free admission
(€ 3,00 deckchair rental)