Visionari selection
Thu 22, Teatro Dante 20:15


Mariella Celia, Cinzia Sità
Bisbigliata creatura

In the digital age, it is a central need to explore the world starting from the body, from the sense of touch and the kinetic dimension: the relation with the other, the abandon, the surrender, all ways to find again a material perception of the sensible body. 

45’ [running time]

by and with Mariella Celia
choreography Mariella Celia, Cinzia Sità
sound design Gianluca Misiti
light design Francesco Tasselli
make up and stage assistant Francesca Innocenzi
costumes Mariella Celia in collaboration with Francesca Innocenzi

Mariella Celia is a dancer, playwright, teacher, educator of somatic movement (BMC®), that is applied to the performing arts and to dancers’ and actors’ education. Cinzia Sità is a dancer, playwright, dramaturg, graduated in choreography at AND, in Rome; she has been associated artist with Sosta Palmizi since 2012. 

Humanity moves its first steps, rediscovering the body

non verbal show